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Two-Player Games

...Or how to have fun when you don’t have many friends…

I often find myself in a bit of quandary when it comes to gaming: I generally – and I do say generally, before you all spit out your tea - prefer multiplayer to singleplayer, but, alas and alack, I don’t have a huge social circle (feel free to spit out your tea now if that's a shock - which I highly doubt).
I know what some of you are thinking; ‘multiplayer is full of flamers and snarky teenagers! The only valid experience is through the awesome plotlines and massive open worlds of contemporary singleplayer games!’ And I agree, in part.
A great many singleplayer games are awesome, rightly considered in some cases as an art form (Witcher 3, anyone?). But frankly, there’s nothing like the sheer rush of completely annihilating a foe in multiplayer, and then realising you’ve just outsmarted another human being. On your own and everything. I know, crazy stuff.
That sweet, sweet feeling of victory is even better, though, when you’re pl…

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