Destiny - How to find Xur

Ready or not, here we come! Is he under there? Is he over here? Is he masquerading as that spaceship over there? Is he, in fact, in my mind? Is he? Are you in there Xur? ARE YOU?!

Finding Xur, that peddler of enticing, exotic goods in Destiny, can be excruciatingly difficult. He hangs around the social hubs, selling exotic armour, weapons, engrams and consumables if you hand over your Motes of Light and Strange Coins.

If want the good stuff, you’ll have to search high and low in Destiny’s version of hide and seek. Here’s a clue: he only appears at weekends, from 9am on Friday to 9am on Sunday UTC, so don’t try pulling a sickie just to get that exotic rifle.

Luckily, a handy resource exists for those engaged on this rather irritating hunt: a website appropriately titled Where is Xur? – it’ll tell you where he is at any given moment and, crucially, what he’s selling. After all, there’s no point trying to find him if he ain’t got the right gear.

Just in case, tldr: Where is Xur?  - pretty self-explanatory really (yes, my post was rather pointless).


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