Best Split Screen Games play with your (soon to be ex) friends.

Sometimes, you need to see the look of outrage in your friend's eyes to really get that feeling of sick satisfaction. You might risk a real-life beating, but playing split screen on a sofa is somehow far more hilarious than online.

Here is a list of some of the best split screen games spanning several console generations [note to PC Master Race - I know you can now do split screen via Steam, but...just...ok?]:

007: Agent Under Fire
Played on: PS2

I don't think I've ever had as much fun with a shooter as I did with 007 Agent Under Fire. A classic first person shooter, this game let you customise game modes to ridiculous levels. Low gravity? Check. Jetpacks? Check. Spiderman-esque grappling hook? Check. Add in one-shot kills for all weapons and you had a recipe for some serious fun.

Played on: Xbox One

If you haven't heard of Minecraft, you must be an extraterrestrial visiting our planet from afar. Hail, mighty alien warlord. Observe how we bicker amongst ourselves as our planet slowly crumbles around us.

Standard Minecraft gameplay applies here, but obviously with another person (or three!); laugh as you systematically destroy all that they've built and held dear!

Call of Duty Black Ops
Played on: Xbox 360

Again, not much explanation needed here. Point, shoot, kill, with up to four players. 'Blops' gained a significant edge over earlier incarnations in that it included bots in split screen matches, meaning that you can play with two people without getting overly bored/frustrated.

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing
Played on: Xbox 360

What fun it is to play as Sonic shooting a big green boxing glove at Shadow, all while the wacky commentator cries 'Oh no, he didn't see that coming!' It's basically Mario Kart  with Sonic characters, but no less lovable for that.

A plethora of unlockable maps, characters and game modes makes this great for a casual gaming sofa sesh.

Mortal Kombat vs DC
Played on: Xbox 360

Possibly the best way to settle age-old 'who win in a fight...' arguments, Mortal Kombat vs DC sees such crazy things as Batman beat up Sub-Zero, or Superman being impaled by Scorpion's spear. It's also slightly less eye-wateringly gruesome than the regular Mortal Kombat series, which might appeal to those with more sensitive dispositions. Then again, it's still rather brutal.

As with most fighting games, it's made for two player duels, but even four players can benefit from split screen tag team battles.

Star Wars :Battlefront II
Played on: PS2

Remember how the recent Star Wars Battlefront felt vaguely lacking? This game is why. An absolutely superb game to play with your mates, the likes of Yoda and Darth Maul clashed sabres on Conquest style maps. The level of detail was astounding too - even the Death Star trash compactor can be activated at the press of a button, spelling certain doom for anyone foolish enough to be inside.

A must try is the Assault mode on the Mos Eisley map; it's Heroes versus Villains, where the only playable characters are (as you might expect) a mix of powerful Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, Princesses and the odd Smuggler/Wookie combo thrown in. It's as awesome as it sounds.

Halo 3
Played on: Xbox 360

Too many 360 titles on this list? Probably, but it was a golden era of split screen multiplayer, and Halo 3 was its king. I'm not sure why I'm speaking in the past tense - it is still bloody good fun.

The co-op campaign mode - for up to four players -  is excellent, with each player actually looking different (Player 2 is the Arbiter, for the example. Multiplayer is where it's at though, especially with the (then) new Forge mode. None of this namby pamby sprinting, diving, jetpack rubbish. Just hard shooting, fast aiming and driving a Banshee into your horrified friend.

Rocket League
Played on: Xbox One

Take one part Fifa, one part Burnout, mix them together and this insane game is the result. Picture football but played with rocket-powered racing cars. Yep. Mad, innit.

Good for a laugh in split screen, especially if, like me, you get bored of your mates endlessly humiliating you on actual football games. Bastards.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Played on: Xbox 360

One more for the road! A slightly oddball entry, in Viva Pinata: TIP you and a friend cultivate a growing garden of strange, sweet-based animals. It can be quite a challenge keeping the Sour Pinatas out of your garden on your own, so playing in split screen means you can see off those pesky critters with ease.

Of course, you run the risk of Player 2 beating your lovely Fudgehog to death with a disembodied shovel. Thems the breaks.

There are a lot more cool local multiplayer games, but time runs out on me...for now. Let me know of any more in the comments!


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