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If you read any of the numerous posts concerning getting into the game development industry, they all say one thing: make something. Make anything. Prove to future employers that you can walk the walk - excuse the cliché - and not just talk the talk.

At some point I'll probably post a list of game development resources, of which there are an infinitesimal amount, if you want to make a game or a mod but don't know where to begin.

If instead you're looking for a team to make a game with, then the sweet words which will shortly emerge from my twisted mind palace are for you. For those of a saner nature, I mean that this post is the one you need.

Here are some of the best sites if you've got little to no professional experience and want to turn your hobby into something more:


Known for being a vast repository of quality mods, ModDB actually has a dedicated page for people looking to create said mods and/or new games from scratch.

Displaying anything from paid job opportunities for the more experienced, to hobbyists forging new game companies, this jobs board is great for those looking to become a part of something great. Who knows, if you stick with it  - as many people are prone not to - you might actually become successful.

Think I just heard the collective eye-rolling of all the cynics out there.


I imagine everyone has heard of Reddit, unless you live somewhere in the outer reaches of the galaxy. If you think of anything at all, chances are it's on Reddit, and game development is no exception.

Seeing as it is Reddit, this board gets a huge amount of job postings every day. Some of them are artists or programmers actively looking for projects to get involved in, others might be established teams looking for more talent. As such, act fast when applying or the job might have been filled.

The crucial thing here is, as with all of these sites, you don't need to be a AAA published developer. Some are looking for a bit more experience, certainly, but others are happy to have enthusiastic newbies.

This site doesn't perhaps have the frequency of postings as Reddit or ModDB, but handily it does have a chronological counter displaying how long until the post expires. This stops you accidentally pestering someone about a job listing that has long gone.

Gamedev separates its classifieds into hobby projects, freelancers and general jobs, making the layout actually fairly intuitive.

Here are a few final points:

  • Be wary of those trying to get you to work for free/no recognition - obviously, you might not expect actual payment if you're a beginner, but make sure you at least get a mention in the final release! Always try to check how legit a post is before committing to anything.
  • Don't be a douche and suddenly disappear off the grid. If you have to quit, do so, but make sure you tell your teammates beforehand so they can prepare for your departure.
  • Remember that most of these people will be fellow hobbyists; they'll also have full time jobs, so they probably won't expect a bajillion hours of development a week. That being said, the more effort you put in the closer you'll get to an actual finished game. Wooooo!

That'll just about do it for now. Let me know in the comments about other useful game dev websites.


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