ForeveRacers - Preview

Driving like an incompetent maniac in ForeveRacers...

Being personally intimate with my style of driving – or should I say, complete lack of any style – I imagine that SuperSmashingGreatGames’ ForeveRacers is what would happen if you put me in a car on top of a mountain, cheerfully wished me well and then left me to follow a race course as the night slowly drew in. It would be complete and utter madness, but ultimately very entertaining; assuming, of course, that you weren’t in the car with me as I plummeted to my doom.

ForeveRacers autumn desert track
Doesn't that tree look gorgeous?

The concept is simple: have an endless race [that goes on forever, if you will  - ahaha!] that players can drop in and out of as they wish. They’re not racing the other players, per se, but trying to beat the clock on a variety of tracks incorporating all manner of terrain, while driving a smattering of low-poly cars. That may seem like a glorified time trial and, in a very real sense, that’s exactly what it is.

What this setup does mean for those too impatient for post-race loading screens (i.e. me) is that the race continues, to quote U2, with or without you; the adrenaline-fuelled seconds of a really tense race won’t abruptly end as soon as you cross the finish line, leaving you champing at the bit waiting for the next one to load up. For me it also completely took the pressure off; I could actually enjoy cruising haphazardly along without constantly worrying about my position in the race because, in reality, I was trying to beat myself, so to speak.

This is possibly getting slightly too metaphysical, so let’s explore other areas of this charming game before my head explodes with the pressure of writing such convoluted prose.

ForeveRacers crash desert
This was my natural racing position...

Ah, that’s better. That’s the sound of me enjoying the delightful view of the low-poly terrain in ForeveRacers. There are several tracks to choose from at this stage in development, all with variable terrain ranging from rather imposing mountains to delightfully quaint countryside cottages. All in all it looks lovely as you completely wreck your car through total incompetence.

At least, that’s what I keep doing as I try out first the Van and then the Sports Car in an ill-fated series of test drives around the tracks. There are a few vehicles to choose from with different handling qualities, and all can be thoroughly beaten up as you plough them into trees and, if the fancy takes you, other players. It’s a nice touch which makes the whole thing even more slapstick.

I’m sure the developers would be the first to say this isn’t the most serious racing game on PC, and nor should it be; the whole drop-in/out idea is brilliant because it is a distinctly accessible way of encouraging multiplayer races to those not looking for anything hardcore. On the other hand, there are other players and there are leader boards, lap times and all manner of paraphernalia to keep even the most competitive racer screaming down the winding roads.

ForeveRacers mountain van
Oh dear...

Or, if they’re anything at all like me, crash the van into a barricade, manage to embarrassingly flip over it and slide forlornly down the side of a mountain.


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